Quality Control Lab

To assure best quality products that not only meet but exceed customer expectiations is Axelon's prime forte. At Axelon, we believe in focusing on consistent delivery of best results and to achieve this we ensure to have all necessary equipment in possession with our quality control laboratory. These equipment are of best international standard that caters to all quality requirements for the electrical industry.

Laboratory Testing Equipments

  • Digital Tensile Tester
  • Halogen Acid Gas emission Test Apparatus
  • Kelvin Double Bridge
  • Motorised Elongation Machine
  • Ageing Oven
  • Conditioning Chamber
  • Cold Chamber
  • Hot air Oven
  • Hot set Test Apparatus
  • Computerised Smoke Density Apparatus
  •  Water bath
  • Digital & analogue Million mega ohm meter
  • Flammability Chamber
  • Thermal Stability Test Apparatus
  • 10 KV AC High Voltage testing setup
  • DC high voltage testing set up
  • Digital Torsion   Tensile Tester
  • Profile Projector
  • Digital Oxygen and temperature Index Test apparatus
  • Swedish Chimney
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