Director Marketing and Communications

Hardik Gudhka

Mr. Hardik Gudhka is responsible for a diverse set of forward-looking efforts: explore new market opportunities that help expand Group’s ability to reach and serve even greater portions of the global demand and assist in devising the overall strategic and corporate development game plans.

Mr. Hardik began his career as an Investment Manager at a Venture Capital firm. He along with his brother Kunal also do investments in Start Up’s and have successfully exited couple of ventures. Moreover during his engineering days he has worked with Giants like Bharat Forge Limited and Asian Electronics Limited.

Mr. Hardik has received an MBA from (Narsee Monjee) NMIMS and holds Bachelors degree in Engineering from University of Mumbai.

Director Finance

Kunal Gudhka

Mr. Kunal is responsible for finance control. He is directly responsible for all corporate matters including new partnership opportunities, conducting due – diligence and closing transaction.

Under his guidance the entire Cable Factory had been set up right now procurement, installation and successful commission of plant.

Kunal has completed his MBA from UK and holds Bachelors degree in Engineering from University of Mumbai

Director Production

Avnish Gudhka

Mr. Avnish Gudhka has keen sense of business and is a Technologist to the core. He is responsible for Total Manufacturing processes. Mr. Gudhka looks after day-to-day production as well as development of new products. He has more than 30 years experience in managing Manufacturing operations.


Tejas Maru

Mr. Tejas Maru takes care of Quality Control and Admin related activities. He has an extensive background of over 15 years in Industry.

Mr Maru's started his career with hands on experience in Manufacturing Industry. This invaluable experience gave him insights on key Quality and Marketing issues which have become an Asset for the company.

Mr. Maru has a Bachelors degree in Engineering from University of Mumbai

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